Time Stamp

We offer a selection of mechanical and electronic time stamps.

The most common features of mechanical and electronic time stamp are:

  • Imprint Style - Date, 4 digit year, Time, Seconds, Numbering, Alphanumeric, and 2 selectable imprints
  • Clock Face - an analog face, or a digital clock face either LED or LCD
  • Die Plate Capable - allows text, signatures, logos, and simple images to be printed above and below the imprint
  • Programmable Imprint - (only available on electronic models only) the imprint is programmable to produce the imprint you want
  • Power Reserve - Enables the time stamp to continue fully operational even if the time stamp is unplugged


AR-E        ARC-E       ARL-E
The MJR-7000 Clock imageThe MJR-8000 ClockMRX-35 Image


Mechanical vs Electrical

While both types of models print the time and date, below are some differences you should be aware of.

Mechanical Stamps depend on die plates to print:

  • Text
  • Signatures
  • Logos
  • Simple images above and below the time stamps imprint
Electronic Stamps are:
  • Programmable
  • Imprint Seconds

Electronic Model Comparison Chart

Time Stamp Chart

Mechanical Model Comparison Chart

Mechanical Chart